Packing and Handling

Fresh green asparagus is graded and packed by growers and cooperatives in sheds located near the fields. This rapid processing assures maximum freshness and puts the produce on its way to market within hours of being picked.

Asparagus is shipped in specially-designed crates or cartons for safe arrival to markets around the world. The boxed asparagus is rapidly cooled to a temperature of 34 degrees to 37 degrees F (1 degree to 3 degrees C), usually by "hydro-cooling", and held at that temperature throughout transport.

Careful handling at every stage of transit is the key to retaining the superior flavor, texture and nutritional content of fresh asparagus.

Local commerce of asparagus is done the day after order is placed. The asparagus is harvested the same day that it will be delivered. This method enables fresh asparagus to be cooked the day they are harvested. Conditioning and cooling is done by the customer, if needed. Fresher asparagus can only be obtained by customers with backyard cultivars! Local retail of asparagus is done without crates in amounts as little as 2 lb.

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