Packing of Figs

Figs are conditioned in packages consisting of boxes (360mm X 260mm X 70mm) containing 3 smaller boxes (called drawers) of 6, 8 or 10 figs each. These packages where specially designed to permit an easier piling, storing and transportation of the figs. The figs must be commercialized in a maximum of two days. Only when specially harvested, conditioned and refrigerated to a temperature of 0° to 4° C and 85% moisture can they be stored for a maximum o 10 days. When removed from refrigeration and exposed to room temperatures, figs must be consumed in the same day.

Transportation of figs between long distances and in great quantities is done in specially conditioned pallets. The pallets are mounted just after collecting and classifying the fig. This guarantees a fresher delivery. When storage is needed, the figs go to the refrigeration stage already packed to avoid human contact and mechanical injury.


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